Where did the time go , she was just a baby” …. ” Enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast” … ” My baby is all grown up “..said every single parent ever!

It starts when you are about three months pregnant, strangers aka parents just can’t help themselves from engaging in baby bump banter at the sight of your protruding tummy. The remaining six months will sound like this …” How far along ?”…” It’s a boy isn’t it, I can tell by the way you are carrying “…”oh its a girl for sure, I can tell by the way you are carrying…” You have that pregnancy glow ” (meanwhile it’s sweat because you are carrying a mini human inside of you 24/7!…and my favorite, ” pregnancy suits you ” …as if it’s like this Summers’ latest trend off a Cavali runway.

The reason I chose this topic was because as I was grocery shopping with my two kids today, I noticed a pregnant lady and I was just about to say to her
” you must be carrying a little boy!”

I am one one of them now……
#stranger #parent

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