Vincent Garrigues – Associate Director Meroe Global

Vincent Garrigues – Associate Director Meroe Global

Author of several  travel guides and travel stories,  insatiable traveler visited over one hundred countries and producer of a unique film, auditor at the Royal African Society, member of the Huguenot Society and Friends of the Academy of Sciences Overseas, Vincent Garrigues created global MEROE in 2017.

Holder of a master’s degree in journalism from ESJ-Paris, he has been in Africa  for more  than 10 years working for Radio France Internationale, as a foreign correspondent and reporter in London, Nouméa, Johannesburg, Paris, Monaco, Abu Dhabi and Tangier.

He previously worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in South Africa and Algeria, responsible for the implementation of support and cooperation programs in the field of media, cultural engineering and influence monitoring. In both bilateral and multilateral domains, he led many regional initiatives in partnership with major communication groups and Mediterranean, Indo-Oceanic and African institutions.


Adviser in communication strategy to the presidency and the government of the Gabonese Republic from 2012 to 2017 Vincent Garrigues implemented a national and international strategy .

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